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Every wet room is unique to the customer.

The design of a wet room needs to incorporate a sense of freedom, openness, low maintenance, simplicity and ultimately must be a shower room to enjoy.

The size of the room can be large or small both can work.

The use of tile backer boarding has made the whole process simpler to install in the home.

They can incorporate a step up to utilise an above ground waste pipe.

Level access shower areas can be a tiled floor with a simple glass wall to stop most of the water.

Fitted upstairs is no longer a problem with today’s products. Gone is the carpentry nightmare of slithers of wood and hours of cutting tapers, then covering with a complicated liner and sealers.

Wet rooms can transform any shower room into a real modern space for showering, or may be an earthy, rustic, timeless design is for you.

The use of tiles is important to the look because that is what will make or break your wet room. Turning your tiles to landscape in orientation, maybe a brick bond, a mix of tile sizes, vertical lines, horizontal borders, large tiles, small tiles they all can work.

If you want a really easy to clean shower surfaces then Shower wall panels can really come into their own, If you are regular shower users then this is worth a lot of consideration.

Some of the best shower spaces we have been involved in have incorporated shower wall panels into the design.

The actual shower valve and shower head its self is again bespoke designed for your requirements.

Satisfied customers

I recently used Merlin Bathrooms to repair a shower which had leaked and caused serious damage to the wall behind the tiles.

Having accepted their very reasonable quote, they commenced the repair work very quickly. The shower now looks and works better than ever, and I was very impressed with the workmanship. I am happy to recommend Merlin Bathrooms to anyone who wants a prompt, good quality job at a reasonable price.

Chris Galpin