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The shower choice has to be the right one where simple things are important to everyone.

What maybe important to some people could have a total different importance to someone else. Fixed shower heads versus flexible heads, powerful versus a gentle rain, digital versus traditional valves.

Merlin Bathrooms will try to advise what is possible and then work out what you require and recommend a shower to suit.

Digital showers have really taken hold of the market, simple to fit, flexible designs, remote buttons to turn your shower on or off. Digital diverters now on the market switch your shower outlets at the press of a button. The showers come in various packages to suit your plumbing systems, high and low pressures supplies to the processors are possible.

Thermostatic blending shower valves still compliment any bath or shower room. Classic and modern designs work with all pumped or gravity fed or combination boiler or high pressure supplies.

Thermostatic bath shower mixer taps can be a great solution for a bathroom especially suited to a combination boiler.

Electric showers still provide the independence to the plumbing system that people often look for with this shower. They Work by instantly heating water main pressure water to shower in by various kilowatts of electric. They come in many shapes, colours and finishes today.

There are pumps and integrally pumped showers to add to the shower user experience, Merlin Bathrooms can show and advise you of all the latest shower products.

Satisfied customers

Thanks Dean for a stunning, piece of work to re-invorgarate our bathroom to a modern luxury finish. The work was completed to a high standad both functionally and visually and with respect for our home,leaving a tidy work space at the end of each work day. Many thanks

Gemma & Andrew Gapper