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Bathrooms Furniture


Most of the bathrooms we fit involve some form of bathroom furniture.

The benefits are to hide away unsightly pipe-work, increased storage , easier to keep clean, change the whole aspect of the room, more practical, neatness, flexible sanitary-ware positions. There are looks and styles for everyone, options and variations to fit every household.

The manufacturers we sell and display have been chosen for long term reliability and flexibility in design. They must have a reliable manufacturing process to avoid water ingress later. Water + raw wood can be a disaster.

This is why there is no short cuts in the furniture providers that we sell, we have good brands with various entry level products to suit most people budgets.

A good work surface

is an important factor to consider and there are a few different materials to choose from.

Solid Surface is a worktop that can still be cut and worked on site, but has the looks and feel of quality, and can sometimes be repaired via a manufacturers repair kit if damaged was incurred later.

Laminate is a worktop that can be cut and worked on site, a lot more choice in colours and a more cost effective alternative to the others.

Veneered or a solid wood a more traditional alternative that enhance a room with Oak or natural timber look.

Marble or a natural stone add something really special to your bathroom, the look of quality shines through but does mean longer lead times and maybe a template needed prior to ordering.

Base and wall Units

Most of the brands we sell will be packed assembled apart from adding the feet to them. This saves hours getting frustrated over cheaper flat pack alternatives. They come in various sizes, carcass colours and materials to suit everyone. Merlin Bathrooms still recommend reading the instructions as we have had customers not doing this and who would want that lovely mirror cabinet falling off the wall simply by not following the instructions. The main unit depths are what is called full depth or reduced depths units.

Full depth usually means approximately 300mm to 350mm project from the wall.

Reduced depth usually means approximately 200mm to 230mm project from the wall. Please bear in mind most work tops hang over about 10mm as well.

Modular units – this means it is a separate unit usually with its own work top or basin

Fitted units - this means exactly how it sounds a range of units designed to be as one solid line with a single work top and continuous plinth.

Doors and handles

Chose a door style and handle in keeping with you styling or needs.

Materials and colours are flexible and Merlin Bathrooms will help you with this if needed.

Satisfied customers

We are very happy with the bathroom you refurbished for us, especially the shower you recommended. A major update, completed in the time quoted and very close to the estimated cost. You have all been very helpful, friendly and tidy. Also thank you for the extra plumbing job you did for us in the kitchen.

Monica & Terry Cunningham