The new normal - Merlin Bathrooms Updated Measures to Minimise the Risk of Covid19 Transfer
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Updated Measures to Minimise the Risk
of Covid19 Transfer

Dear Customers, and Visitors

We can at last start planning getting back to work and appreciate all our customers for their patience.

We have been working on Risk Assessments on the showroom and setting up some modifications on how we can adapt our business in the new circumstances.

As we are now permitted to work in other people’s homes again during the coronavirus outbreak, but we will still adopt the following protocols to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading the infection again.


The Showroom

This will be closed to the public until we are advised by the Government to be able to open to the public again.

When we do open the showroom to visitors and customer’s again, we will be adopting the new and current social distancing measures in the showroom. We are expecting to be open in June.

Showroom visits must be made by appointment, we will not be working on a random customer drop-in basis for a while yet.

The office will not be fully staffed, so we can also work safely, we will be staggering staff levels in the showroom, we will also be alternating working from home and from our showroom. We will able to take calls and emails as normal, I would recommend emailing us if you can that’s the most practical way at the moment.

Please do not come to the showroom if you have tested positive in the last 14 days and or you are showing any symptoms of the Covid19 Virus.

We are now be able to show you the display products via video chat methods and also we can hold video conference calls to go over quotes and designs.

When we are able to let visitors in the showroom, we would like to invite you to follow our guidelines

As you enter the showroom, we would like you to sanitise your hands, we will have some hand sanitiser available for this by the door.

This will enable you to touch surfaces more safely inside, although we would recommend keeping this to a minimum as we have a lot of area to maintain. We will be having daily surface cleaning.

We will have some “marked off” areas in place on the floor to maintain social distances from our desk. We plan to have windows open where possible and we will have staff at a minimum on you visit, we plan on no more than two members of staff.

Sadly, we cannot offer refreshments and we do also have a customer toilet facility available, but we do hope that you can avoid using this if possible, but we wouldn't decline an emergency visit.

Payments on orders, deposits and balances

We will only be able to accept bank transfers at the moment, use of the card machine is restricted to the showroom so we do not want to have visits just to use the card payment machine, sorry but we do not have a policy for third party online card payments or via the phone as a method of payment.


We will be starting installations again at the end of this month, we will be following the Government guide for working safely during Covid19 in other people’s homes.

We will go through this in more detail with each customer as the risks maybe different.

I am happy to forward a PDF copy of the guide to anyone who wants to see this early on.

Some new measures that we intend to introduce:

  • To launch Customer Whatsapp groups for individual projects, we hope that most people will utilise this method, if its not your thing then I am sure we can use a more traditional method as a back up. We do feel it will be the new normal. We can use this App to keep customers directly involved with the project. Video messaging and text messaging between Merlin Bathrooms, the fitters and you the customer. Documents and pictures can also be easily sent. We will keep all your details safe and we will delete the group after Installations are complete.
  • We will be reducing the amount of people at the house, by grouping delivery for materials together as much as we can. This will also fall in line with the government guidance.
  • Waste clearance from outside the house will be grouped or done in bulk to avoid further chances of Covid19 spreading, also limit the amount of people on site.
  • Our aim is to have the minimum amount of tradespeople in one space and avoid the fitters visiting other merchants on route, so we will have a dedicated person for deliveries and rubbish clearance organised remotely from one key office member.
  • If you test Positive or have symptoms of Covid19 and have to be isolated, please let us know with as much notice as possible so we can reschedule the works.
  • We will ask our fitters to do the same, so if a last minute hold up does happen “for everyone’s safety we would say that that is more vital to delay than to proceed”
  • Our fitters should be traveling in individual vehicles anyway.
  • Please note refreshments are not expected, the fitters will bring their own.
  • Site inspections will now be done via video messaging between my fitters and Dean, we are very confident that we can maintain our level of quality control with this method, but if really necessary a visit can be easily arranged.

Lastly, we have heard of shortages on products such as plaster, so we will keep everyone up to speed on these things as we find out more details.

Best Regards
Dean and Sally Fordham