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Merlin Bathrooms supply and fit Moods baths as they offer excellent value for money combined with variants in style and construction that are required for the market place today. Below is some information on their bathing products.

Rectangular Baths

Hand Crafted

Hand finishing is the only way to guarantee the highest standard of workmanship and every one of our baths is smoothed, polished and finished by hand.

High Grade Acrylic

We use the highest grade acrylic which is manufactured and independently inspected to British Standard - this means that your bath is designed to perform and will look great for years to come. An acrylic bath is warm to touch adding comfort to your bathing experience.

Shaped for Comfort

Single end or twin end, walk in or compact, the choice is yours – only in the Bathroom Collection will you find baths of all shapes and size.

Perfect Panels

Our rectangular baths come with a choice of panels, each one matched to ensure correct size and colour.

Freestanding Baths

Ultimate Style

When you want to make a bold style statement then look no further than our range of Free Standing Baths. Our carefully selected range of hand crafted baths will add a unique design dimension to your bathroom.

Shower Baths

Total Practicality

Get the best of both worlds with a bath that gives you both a bathing area and a shower area in little more than the space of a standard bath.

Bath Screens

Screens With Style

A versatile collection of well designed bath screens that are easy to install and designed to last.

Whirlpool Baths

Added Luxury

For the ultimate bathing experience, look no further than our Wellness systems. With six choices of systems, you can help create that spa feeling - bath time will never be the same again.

Light Up, Calm Down

For thousands of years, light therapy has been used to induce states of peace and tranquillity to enhance our spiritual well-being and energise body and soul. Experience the soothing power of Chromatherapy in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Jet Power

At the touch of a button you can activate the soothing powers of a spa bath experience and with up to 21 separate jets you can guarantee our Wellness systems hit the spot, every time.

Quality Built In

All of our Wellness systems are hand fitted by a team of highly skilled professionals and are fully tested to the highest standards to ensure that your spa experience will last for years to come.

Supercast® Baths

Combining Strength and Beauty

Our Supercast® baths have characteristics of strength and rigidity normally found in baths made of cast iron or heavy gauge steel.

As they are acrylic, they are warm to the touch and can be moulded to beautiful designs, the added ‘flow coat jacket’ provides insulating properties that keeps your bath water hotter for longer.

Space Saving

Small on Space, Big on Style

Look out for the space saving logo, it indicates that the product is perfect for rooms with little space available.


An invisible layer of ultra durable pure liquid glass that will protect surfaces and cut cleaning in half!

Merlin bathrooms supply and fit pressed steel baths as well, Kaldewei is a company that provides real product flexibility. Below is some product information on Kaldewei.

The basis for any success is product excellence. Kaldewei has continually created product milestones and revolutionized the market. In 1934 we introduced the first freestanding bath in Germany. In 1957 the first “seamless” baths made from a single sheet of steel were launched. With this technology Kaldewei became the market leader in Germany. Previous to this cast iron had been dominant. In 1989 Kaldewei introduced TURBO WHIRL, the first “pipe-free” Whirlsystem. In 2009 CONOFLAT celebrated a premiere as the world’s first absolutely floor-level shower tray with an enamelled waste cover. The company was named “Brand of the Century” in Germany in 2010, honouring almost a century of pioneering achievements.


Exclusive designs combined with innovative shapes made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm with a 30-year guarantee


Modern designs made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm with a 30-year guarantee


Classic designs made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm with a 30-year guarantee

Satisfied customers

We are very happy with the bathroom you refurbished for us, especially the shower you recommended. A major update, completed in the time quoted and very close to the estimated cost. You have all been very helpful, friendly and tidy. Also thank you for the extra plumbing job you did for us in the kitchen.

Monica & Terry Cunningham