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Sanitary Ware

With such a wealth of bathroom products to choose from in the current market place, customers can sometimes feel daunted at the task in trying to find exactly what they need. Let Merlin Bathrooms take the stress away and will assist you to making the right choice.

We listen to you and narrow down the field of choice, it maybe something with clean lines or low maintenance are what you are looking for. Sometimes it may simply be a certain style or period that you are after.

With that Merlin Bathrooms can maybe show you a few items in the showroom close to or exactly what you were looking for in sanitary-ware.

Merlin Bathrooms have various collections of sanitary-ware cherry picked out from a ranges of leading brands, this means that Merlin Bathrooms have selected the best all round products, that we feel that our customers want rather than selling you something simply because that normally goes with it.

All the sanitary-ware products we sell and display we have had a lot of thought put into them, we like to display REAL bathrooms that work for YOU and not for us just to make a quick sale on.

Satisfied customers

We have known Mr. Dean Fordham and the companies he has run and managed, for several years. We had extensive works done by his previous company 'Just Bathrooms' based at Waterbeach Cambridge, some years ago and, more recently, the installation of a shower unit etc. by his present company 'Merlin Bathrooms'

We have always found Mr Fordham approachable and quite reasonable in his pricings. His works have always been of very good quality and we have never had any cause for complaints.

Dr. M. S. Rao